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Stories from within
In the R.A.M.C. we used to have Daily Part 1 Orders that were printed out and put on the notice board. These orders listed all the people who were on various duties for the next 24 hours, any important notices, notices about parades or kit issues then, at the end they had sports notices and the one I have attached was actually printed on Part 1 orders at the Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot back in the 1960's.
The last phrase was one that any clerk would have given his right arm to publish.

Sports notice

Sports Notice

On Thursday next there will be a cricket match against the RASC depot

The team and order of batting and of bowling will be as usual.

On completion of the match: bats, pads, wickets and bails are to be taken to the QM store, balls to the RSM.

Don Johnson